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About Chotu Chai

Mohammed Qamber Hussain is a young Pakistani Entrepreneur known best for founding “Chotu Chaiwala”, a tea cafe established with the concept of a dhaba(roadside restaurant). He started the restaurant at the age of 17 in the largest city of Pakistan, Karachi in August 2015. Mohammed Qamber Hussain himself looks after business alongside his studies. Chotu Chaiwala serves clients with dine-in and drive-thru services depicting a modern and traditional restaurant.
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Our Story

In 2015, Mohammed Qamber Hussain started his tea shop that eventually turned to be a restaurant having a variety of food items. “Chotu” is an urdu word used for a boy working as a waiter in dhaba and “Chaiwala” is used for a person selling tea. It has around 80 employees and caters up to 6,000 weekly customers. The tea shop now specializes in a variety of Paratha and Chai (tea). It’s menu is full of traditional and conventional food. After his success with Chotu Chaiwala, Qamber Hussain introduced a new tea brand “Chotu Patti” In 2016.

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